Update from home

To all my friends and readers,

I apologize for the long silence, as always. For the past month, I have been living with my parents, in their two bedroom little house. My bedroom is really my Step-dad’s office, so we are sharing the very tight space together.

Work: I was hired from my first face-to-face interview (last week). Friday gone (July 22) was my first day at work and Monday will be my second. I’ll be sharing my time between two offices in San Francisco, working for a Fiduciary. Not sure of the spelling on that one, but I’ll learn! There is a lot of technical terms to learn for that job.

Now that I have been hired, I hope to also find my own apartment, and I am looking forward to that adventure!

Until I move out, however…

My Mom and Step-dad are remodeling the house that they will be moving into next, so every day and every evening, that is all they talk about. My mom just spent a week at a recorder (a wooden instrament) workshop and performed in two concerts-one last night and one this morning.

Every evening, or almost, Craig, my step-dad, practices his viola. I really wanted my mom to do the workshop because I want to see her spend as much time on her recorder as Craig does on his viola, though I can’t really see that happening. Anyway, I am excited for her, also because I want to be doing my art things and look forward to her supporting and encouraging me when the time comes.

Food shopping, house shopping, dinner, dishes, commuting, the people of San Fran, that is my life these days…

Take care and hope to hear from you!

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  1. marc friel says:

    good to know your allright,,,, lovingly me…

  2. Aaron Fogah says:

    good luck on your lob and geting apartment

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