New Apartment

Well, it has been a long time but I have excuses! Ha!

Anyway… I love my new place–it is close to everything including walking distance to church, the art center, Lake Merrit (Oakland), a BART station, the carpool pick-up spot (if I were to carpool to work) and downtown in general. I am working hard as always, taking an art class (glass fusing) and generally enjoying life–especially the new-ness of my new place! Life is a lot different than it was in Jamaica though. have to go now cause I’m tired.

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2 Responses to New Apartment

  1. Ann says:

    Hi Rachel,
    Just stopping by to say HI !!

    Best, Ann

  2. Chestnut says:

    Fun to see your blog on a web designed by Serafini Studios! Is there a way to see pictures on this site? love, chestnut

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