Update for those interested…

Dear Friends and Family,

My site has been updated and retrofitted, thanks to my loving brother, Gabriel Serafini (check out his site at serafinistudios.com). I am very grateful for this update.
Thanks Gabriel!!

Whats new in my life? Nathan, my fiancee, moved out to the Bay Area in the beginning of July and moved into his own new apartment in Fremont, CA a few weeks ago. He is loving his new job, a small consulting tech firm that assists Novell and Microsoft clients (businesses and schools) with their networking problems and projects.

I am working as a live-in nurse in Palo Alto, as I have been since mid-June.

In my last post, I announced my engagement, and said that we might get married in April. We have moved that to June 9, 2007 so that all members of our families can be there. (My step-dad is tremendously busy doing taxes in April and the preceeding months leading up to it, and June 2nd, the day that Nathan proposed, happens to be the Upper School Graduation day, and Nathan’s Dad supervises Food Service at the Upper School. June 9th it is, and we are looking forward to it!

On the rare chance that I get a Friday or Saturday night off, then I like to go either folk or contra dancing, and Nathan joins me every once in a while. I also get a thrill (still) riding my bicycle and enjoy taking walks.
Thank you, Readers, for patiently waiting for this entry which has been a long time coming, and I joyously welcome comments!

Much love and best wishes to you,

Rachel McVey (Robertson)

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