Happy News!!

Dear Friends,

I have some happy news to share with you all. I am engaged!! Nathan J. Robertson (a school friend from years back) and I have been cooresponding for a few months now and not a day has passed that we haven’t exchanged several emails and called each other, in addition to hours spent on skype (free phone calls over the internet). I visited him in St. Louis for a few days in May, and he came to CA to visit me in June. Our priorities in life are the same: honesty, integrity, and love towards our fellow brothers and sisters. He is a Christian Scientist, just like me, and is interested in keeping that an important aspect of our life together, as am I.

We are currently thinking of marriage next spring, possibly April, marking one year from when we reconnected (online).

My best wishes to all friends out there and God bless you!!


Rachel McVey Robertson (soon to be)

love you all!!

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