Coming Home!!

Dear Friends and family,

I have enjoyed my Peace Corps experience in Jamaica and guess what? It has
been two years already and it is time to come home! The experience has been

a good one that I will treasure forever. I will be coming home on Tuesday,
June 21! That’s less than a week away! For those of you in the SF Bay
Area, there will be a welcome home party on Sunday, June 26. Venue and time

are yet to be determined and if anyone is interested, please reply so that I

can keep you updated. For those at Principia, I am planning on coming to
give my presentation (to any class or group that invites me) in the fall.
Who knows? If I make it to the 10 year reuinion, I could give it there too.

As for plans, I am still listening. I would be honored to work at Principia

or The Mother Church, or another organization that harmonizes with what I
believe in (honesty, efficiency, compassion, also known as wisdom, economy,
and brotherly love, also known as Life, Truth, and Love).

If I stay in the Bay Area, I am hoping to set up my studio and start
committing time to art (making jewelry) and the Practice.

That is about all the news I can think of right now.

Much love and I would love to hear from everyone and anyone!


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