Victory in the backyard!

Yesterday was a National holiday (Ash Wednesday) and I woke up (don’t ask what time) and called the owners of the house where I am staying (the owners are in the States) and asked about taking down the destroyed chicken coop.

They said go ahead and take it down so I did. I completed the job so much that the backyard looks so much better than even before I started. In the middle of the day however, I wasn’t so sure that I would get it all done. In fact, I really wondered how I would be able to finish it as it was getting late and there was still a lot to do to make the backyard usable again.

What was holding me back was trying to decide what to do with the scrap wood. In the end though, I relented and made a big fire–and thanks to my growing up years, I knew how to make a really nice minature bonfire . I justified it saying that no one else would want this rotten wood and I knew that I wasn’t burning any plastic. When the fire was at its tallest, I bet it was maybe 8 or 9 feet tall. I finally left the coals last night at 12:30 am.

The next day, this morning, there was a small pile of ashes. After coming home from my all day meeting (5 pm), I pushed the pile with a fire tender to find out that the small pile of ashes was really a fairly big pile of coals. They were still very hot! Anyway, it was a very long work day and I have a long clean up day tomorrow so take care and as always, I hope to write more soon.

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  1. john says:

    My girlfriend is going to do her fullbright in Jamacia Sept 05 through May 06. I would like to take a leave from work and follow her. I would like to volunteer for that time period. I am a Civil Engineer with 20 years experience in road and bridge construction. Please send me info about volunteering for this time period. Thanks.
    John Marotte
    67 west street # 9
    Northampton, Ma. 01060

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