Last Week of Training

Dear All,

You’ll have to excuse my absence for the past two weeks–as it is the end of
training, I have been short in the monetary department and haven’t been able
to afford the taxi into town and then the charge of actually using the
computers once I got there.

I am in the last week of my training and come Friday night (Aug 22), I will
go back to Old Harbour Bay which will be my new home for the next two years.
On Friday, we have what is called a “Swearing-in ceremony” which is
supposed to be very nice and elegant. It is our graduation ceremony from
the training program that we are in now.

UNTIL Friday, I have my own single (all of us do) in the newest and nicest
housing complex on the Univ. of the West Indies campus. They are really
treating us well–today we left OHB in a “limousine” type tour bus where I
think anyone that wanted one could have their own row! that is a big thing
when we have been used to cramming in or what is called “queezing up”–short
for squeeze up.

I have two options for where I can and or will (possibly more that I haven’t
seen yet) stay, but I know that wherever I live I will be taken care of.
come friday night, I will go home to a lady named Karen and her house. she
is a recent grad from Univ. of the West Indies in Sociology. she is very
nice and very smart and we get along very well. we laugh and smile a lot
together. the best part is that she doesn’t watch (apparently) a whole lot
of TV, and I am grateful for that.

the other option is a beautiful house, and if I do end up there, it will be
a show of God’s divine guidance as to where the furniture (and household
items) will come from, as I am sure that the moving-in allowance is very

anyway, I love you all very much and remember that each of you are loved,
loving, and lovable!
have a blessed day 🙂


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