First Agency Visits

Hello dear friends and family,

Well, here it is Monday afternoon :). I had wanted to write you more last week but always the lab was down and I was busy anyway…The graduation ceremony was very nice. I am hoping that at some point some of the people here with digital cameras will have some of their pictures posted and then I might be able to share them with you and everyone else :).

After the ceremony, I got home to O.H.B. at about midnight (of course having been driven home by friends). On Saturday, Karen (my the lady I am living with) and I spent all day from about 8 or 9 am until 11 or 12 midnight working, moving furniture around and moving me in. I didn’t think that she would go for it, but she didn’t mind at all–she said that every once in a while she gets the urge and has to or wants to move furniture around. It was a lot of fun and I love my room. The rest of the house still needs a whole lot of work to clean up and put things away.

Today, I went to both offices of the agencies that I am working for. The first half of the day went very slowly with a very boring meeting at the Ministry of Health (from 10:00-1:00). When I looked at my watch, I couldn’t believe that it was that late! Anyway, I finally made my way out of that office and onto the SDC/DAC office. SDC is Social development Commission, and the DAC is Development Area Committee. I feel like I would like the Ministry of Health’s support and backup, but it is hard for me to know how I fit in with what they need/what I should be doing for them. However, I do see me fitting in very well with the SDC and DAC, and all the other development committees and CBOs (Community Based Organizations).

Well, I have been here a long time and it is time for me to go home now. Much, much love to all of you, and I hope that you are (all) doing well :)!

to all the Principia staff–my best wishes as the new school year starts.

the weather here–the rainy season has started, albeit, slowly, with rain every few days. At this moment, since it rained today, the breeze is slightly cool, but not enough to want longsleeves.Yesturday was hot, humid, and sticky. (but hot was maybe in high 80’s) I don’t think that it ever gets to a hundred here, but it can be very hot in the mornings–this morning included.

much love,Rachel

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