Everyting kris!

Just some more notes:

A friend asked me will I be able to travel around the island some or will I be so busy that I am stuck and I am not sure. Yes, volunteers do travel around the island from time to time and especially to visit other PCV’s sites, but I am not sure if I will. we are only allowed a certain amount of time for vacation and by the time that I (hopefully) go home for association and other family business, and come back and ….I don’t know, maybe if my family comes to visit me, then we’ll travel together and see the sites. ? 🙂 ?Who knows?

Another question was if in my work if I would be in an office or out in the field with people and the answer is probably a little of the first and a whole lot of the second.

The third question was about language, and the language that is spoken here is Patios (pronounced Pat-wa–Jamaicans even spell the word different because it is pronounced differently than the French.)so one common phrase in Patios is “Mi soon come,” meaning, I’ll be back soon.

Jamaicans often drop the letter “S” before words and the h from the “th” sound. I have probably said this before, but one of my favorite phrases is “Everyting kris!” it means that you couldn’t be happier, and that you are completely satisfied, everything is perfect. the “kris” comes from crisp, clean.

love you all, see ya!

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