Hey Friends,

The TMC Youth is a great place to start in thinking about the future of our movement and how young people can contribute towards its prosperity and be blessed by it at the same time.

The link:


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Some happening things are going on and lets be a part of it. Some things I would love to see develop in our community as Christian Scientists:

–Form a close knit but welcoming community

–Community service program

–Sit in a circle for services (at least occasionally)

–Youth lectures

–Offer Sentinel Radio on podcast

–Offer the Bible Lesson as a podcast

–Reverse Sunday Bible Lesson schedule so that the lesson read is then studied the week after.

–Have Connie Coddington’s show (and others if there are any) aired as a podcast

Feel free to post COMMENTS and SUGGESTIONS–what you have to say is valid, valued, and appreciated!

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