Thoughts for the day

Today, Monday, January 12, 2004, I learned again how much not fun it is to come to work at the late hour of 10:00 am. Went to a meeting at the Heart/Trust Centre, and there is a small possibility that I might teach classes there. I say small because my supposed schedule is filling up. Supposed because it is still only in my head. I shared it with Monica, but she didn’t say anything.

Today was one of those days that was frustrating and I really could’ve used a lot more “quiet space” of being at peace. I think that that peace leaves me when I feel guilt for having coming in late, and the tension of not knowing what to do, or wanting to do certain work but not having the technology, or access to the technology that I need. That is very frustrating!!

Digital woes: I have so many places for contact information whether it is Microsoft Entourage (the address book system on my computer), my hotmail account, my anbell account, and my cell phone. I would really love to have everything syncronized and at the same time, in one place. However, every time that I wish I could mesh it all together, I ask myself, okay, so what would you do with all those contacts in your phone for example, and the answer keeps me from buying a PDA. Besides, who needs another digital device?? I SHOULD already have enough digital toys, being as I am supposed to be living a modest Jamaican lifestyle!

Digital woe # 2 is that I have a wonderful camera, but the three photo programs I have on my computer are all very miserable and difficult to work with! Monica has Windows XP (which is wonderfully easy for photos), but that is her computer and she is reluctant to share it.

Gratitude for the day: I am VERY grateful that the internet finally works, and works well most of the time. I am grateful that I know that God is Mind, that I reflect this Mind, and that all wisdom comes from Him, and this Mind is an infinite source.

I am grateful for the recent inspiration, an epiphany really, that my body is a temple, with which I [can/must] glorify God. This means that I can only see good, be good, etc. If I am fully glorifying Him/Her, sickness, sin, disease, and death have NO place. One key to this idea is that when evil presents itself to let it go, to simply let it pass. To deny it takes time and thought energy. At first, I resisted the thought of not denying it, but from experience I can tell you that when you are concious of honoring God, nothing is going to take you off base from that. It is kind of hard to explain, but it was a nice feeling – this epiphany experience from Sunday.

I am grateful that I have the strength to go to sleep now, and get up at an hour so that I can be at work at 9:00 am. That means that I need to leave at 8:30 and be up by 6:30!! God give me strength!!!!! Please!! Back home (in California and St. Louis), somehow I was able to sustain getting up and being at work before 7. I need to demonstrate the same commitment, now, here in Jamaica!!!

Inspirational thought: In the Buddhist version of the Prodical Son story, the son returns to the father and immediately turns away in fear. The father sees this and works to come to the son’s level.

God knows where we are and sees our need (of growth, need for support, for consolation) before we even know, and has the answer waiting for us before we even ask.

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