Project Proposal for January, 2004

With Regard to Schools and Students

Talk with students on certain topics relating to the environment, community, health, proper disposal of trash, volunteerism, composting, recycling, life skills, and technology
Crayons (150 boxes)
Healthy Living Coloring Book (Part of this proposal)
Any teaching aides, brochures, pamphlets, or literature that your organization would have which speak to the areas noted above–or on subjects that you think I should add to the list.
Also, if you have any teaching guides or information about your organization (in print or digital), all would be helpful.

Organize with selected schools, students, and communities, a series of clean-up days for chosen areas around each school and surrounding neighborhoods.
Funds for food and drinks (in cash or in kind)
Trash bags
Pick up of trash collected

Reproduction of the Healthy Living Coloring Book–for distribution to all schools in the area from Old Harbour Bay to Ginger Ridge, the parish of St. Catherine, or possibly Island-wide) Will work with the Construction Resource and Development Center (CRDC) who produced the first set.

With Regard to Community Involvement

Activate community involvement and work on specific projects. For example, to clean, clear, dredge, and eventually cement the drains on Main Street, and Bay Bottom, Old Harbour Bay
(Will apply separately for funding of projects themselves)
Funds for food and drinks (in cash or in kind)
Trash bags
Pick up of trash collected

Increase regularity and reliability of trash pick-up (Old Harbour Bay)
Cooperation from applicable agencies

Put up signs or posters along gullies and drains that educate and sensitize community members on the dangers and or consequences of throwing trash in the gullies or drains.
Several of the “It Nuh Legal!” posters from NEPA, or “No Dumping” signs

Wash drums of their poisonous chemicals before dispersing them throughout the community as rubbish/trash recepticles. Unity Youth Club and Blackwood Gardens Citizens Association are both in posssion of drums ready or nearly ready to be dispersed All of these drums have varying quantities of the dangerous chemical left. According to the BASF website, you can “clean” up the chemical with water, ammonia, and detergent. I propose that for the next time that the Unity Youth club works on the drums that each be cleaned before heading to its new home in Old Harbour Bay, so close to the ocean and water table.
A gallon (?) of Ammonia, a large package of detergent, and cooperation!

Long Term Goals/Hopes for Communities and Schools

To form a sustainable and active recycling programme
Green Spaces/Beautification Programme

Old Harbour Schools

Heart Trust Center
Old Harbour Preparatory School
Old Harbour Primary School

Old Harbour Bay Schools

Baptist Bay Basic School
Blackwood Gardens Basic School
Children First
Old Harbour Bay Primary School
Prophecy Basic School
St. Wade’s Basic School

Available Voluntary Services

Cave Progressive Youth Club
Unity Youth Club
Terminal Progressive Youth Club
Portmore Community College Volunteers / Students

Agencies to work with

Construction Resource and Development Center (CRDC)
Create an Environment for Clean Living
Environmental Foundation of Jamaica (EFJ)
Food for the Poor
Grace Kennedy & Co. Ltd.
Jamaica Environmental Trust (JET)
Jamaica Social Investment Fund (JSIF)
Metropolitan Parks and Management (MPM)
Ministry of Education (MOE)
Ministry of Health (MOH)
National Environmental and Planning Agency (NEPA)
National Environmental Societies Trust (NEST)
National Solid Waste Management Authority (NSWMA)
National Works Agency (NWA)
National Water Commission (NWC)
Old Harbour Development Area Committee (OHDAC)
Recycle For Life
Ridge to Reef Watershed (R2RW) Project
South Coast Development and Portland Bight
United States Agency for International Development (USAID)
United States Peace Corps
Water Resources Authority (WRA)

If this proposal goes through, everything will change very fast!!
Since work has picked up again, I am not sure anymore what I should be/need to be/want to be doing with my work time. Another opportunity for listening from the divine Mind and Heavenly Father 🙂

Until next time, take care and have a blessed day!

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