Old Harbour

Dear sweet Friends and Family,

I have been somewhat silent for sometime now because I have been very busy
and the library where I use the internet to write you is not in the town
that I live in.

For two weeks now (and beginning on the third), I have been living with a
family in Old Harbour Bay, a small fishing village on the south coast. “My”
home is about fifteen minutes walk to our training hub site, the Old Harbour
Bay Baptist Church. Yesturday, all of the CEHVs (24 Community Environmental
Health Volunteers) went into Kingston to meet the heads of the agencies with
whom we will be working. As it turns out, I will stay in the Old
Harbour/Old Harbour Bay area for the next two years. Two agencies have
requested to have a PCV, and so I will be sharing my time between the St.
Catherine Health Department, Old Harbour, and the Old Harbor Development
Area Sectariat/Committee. I will also be working closely with SDC (Social
Development Commission) and KODAK, an organization based in Old Harbour Bay.

The agency was supposed to be responsible for housing the PCVs for the four
days called COW (Community Orientation Week) where we will learn where we
will be living and what we will be doing for the next two years. Since I am
staying in Old Harbor Bay area, my boss said, so I thought that you could
just stay where you have been, is that okay? I said, “Yes, that is fine.”
Later, I learned that my boss actually called my home and asked my
(Jamaican) mom if that was okay, but not to tell me. They wanted me to have
the fun of dragging my suitcase around! anyway, it is all good 🙂

The librarian has just told me that the library is closing in 5 minutes (6
pm), and so I have to sign off, but I hope to write more often, especially
since I will be coming into Old Harbour (the town where the library is) for
work …

I love you all, and have enjoyed all of the letters that all have sent. I
always welcome more… :)!

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