Meeting homestay families today

Dear Family and Friends,

The supposed hurricane was nothing. we didn’t even get the slightest bit of
heavy rains. mostly mist.
My assignment is “water sanitation/hygene education,” but don’t ask yet what
that means.
Today, we will be going to our homestay families and living there for 5
weeks and training as well. I am not sure how much I will be able to email
you from there. Maybe there is a library or something.
the food is good, similar in some ways and different in others. I will tell
you about it later when I have more time.

I love you all. Have to go to class.
by the way, almost all the current pcvs have cell phones, and almost all the
new trainees are getting one, so being as it is the most practical
communication for us, me, and me to others, I will be getting one as well.
they are very economical. see ya! I forgot to mention that many, many
Jamaicans also have cell phones too. some vollunteers said that they came
to the pc to escape materialism, but we have walked right into the eye of
it. maybe it will be different in the country.

see ya later, and I love you all!!!

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